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With Seal-Check leak detector machine you are able to find leaks in your packaging that will increase quality control measures.

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Using a Package
Leak Detector

From stand-up pouches to vacuum skin packs, with the Seal-Check package leak detector various types of packages can be checked easily.

What Our Customers Say

With a Seal-Check leak testing device we have been able to improve the quality of our product. packaging. Great service. Would recommend. 

- Gabriela,

Great device, very easy to use.

Great customer support. Highly recommend. 

- Andrius,


As our company is producing different types of packaging it was a really helpful to find SEAL-CHECK for our quality control.

- Robert,


Package Leak Detector

In an industry that is always moving forward, providing a package that is devoid of any faulty seals, seams, or leakages is highly important. Ensuring today's stringent quality controls for food and pharmaceutics is essential. A broken seal can lead straight to a loss of reputation and lots of money. To triumph in the industry, your quality control standards need to be of utmost importance and as high as they can be.

At SEAL-CHECK, we offer that and more. Our package leak detector is sure to provide you with the confidence and integrity your product needs to be successful in the market. Our system is perfectly adapted to suit a wide range of products from both the food and pharmaceutical industries. By making proper use of them, you shall be able to ensure your products meet their destination always in perfect condition.

In this article, we will be talking about what exactly is the use for these leak detectors, the kind of testing equipment we offer, their cost, and why SEAL-CHECK represents the best cost-benefit relationship for you as a packaging manufacturer.

What Are Package Leak Detectors Used For?

Package Leak Detectors are essential instruments used in various industries, including pharma, bakeries, and food sectors, to ensure the integrity and safety of product packaging. These devices are employed to detect even the minutest leaks in packages, which can compromise the quality and shelf-life of the products. is a prominent brand name in this market, offering advanced package leak detectors that are specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of these industries. Utilizing's leak detectors, businesses can conduct non-destructive testing of their packaged goods, thereby safeguarding consumer health and maintaining the brand's reputation. From ensuring the sterility of pharmaceutical products to preserving the freshness of bakery and food items,'s technology plays a pivotal role in quality control and compliance with regulations.


In the early days, the packaging industry was more acquainted with using probabilistic test methods for sampling the presence of microbiological agents inside products. As time went by, new techniques that were more deterministic emerged and became the norm in the industry. These approaches reduce the need for preparing a sample and then validating it. Not to mention the vast improvement to the reliability in finding out leaks and defects in packages in a faster way.

Nowadays, there are many ways in which you can go about detecting possible leaks in packaging material. The two most common methods include detection by water bath and injection of tracer gas, which can be carbon dioxide, hydrogen, or even helium. Here, we will be talking about the first method.

It is vital to note that using this type of equipment plays an important role in securing a product's sterility and shelf life. By making sure that a package and the product inside it are entirely leak-tight, we can prevent microbiological agents, oxygen, and moisture from making their way in, damaging content in the process.

Types of packages run the gamut as far as creativity with their designs. Still, among the most common ones, we can expect to find bottles, pouches, syringes, vials, rigid trays, thermoform packages, sachets, and flow wraps, among many others.

Manufacturing considerations for packaging are countless. Even if you take complete care of the process, avoiding a faulty package on the line is almost impossible - it just happens. Defects in the sealing process can cause a material to end up with sometimes microscopically small leaks. A package leak detector exists to ensure that your packaging meets the ever-demanding quality assurance norms. That way, your food and pharmaceutical products can reach their customers in the safest of ways.

Package Leak Testing Equipment

When transported by air or other vehicles, products can be affected. Here is when our device can help you detect the smallest of defects without the use of gas. Our leak detector consists of an acrylic tank, a vacuum gauge, and a control valve. Our product makes use of corrosion-resistant stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability.

To detect leaks and defects, all you have to do is fill the inside of the acrylic tank with water, then place the package undergoing testing inside and close the lid on the device. After this, you will use the lever on the side to create a vacuum inside the chamber. You can achieve this thanks to the pneumatically-operated venturi nozzle on the equipment.

With the lid on the device closed and the vacuum created, the package will be compressed underwater. If there is any air or gas in the package, it will escape in the form of bubbles. These bubbles will float upward inside the fluid. With this test, it is easy to check where exactly the package is leaking and where it needs improvements. Whether in its design or your manufacturing system, you can apply a remedy to reduce these instances from occurring.

You can accomplish the whole test in just a few seconds. Providing an easy, direct, and confident way to ensure the integrity of your packages and your entire manufacturing process.

Package Leak Detector Cost

To know the cost of your machine, it is crucial to understand that it depends on a few key factors:


  • Dimensions

  • Connection Requirements

  • Electric or Compressed Air

Finding one that is for sale at a fair price and adjusted to your needs can be tricky. However, considering the key factors involved in their manufacturing, you can get an exact quote that is suitable for you by filling out the request form on this site. Our representatives are always ready to assist with information.

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