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Canned Food Detection Machine

The canned food market size was $91.9 billion in 2019 globally. By 2027, experts see this number growing to $100.92. Like it or not, packaged food is convenient to use and consume. As the working population leads a fast-paced life, they will have less time to prepare food from scratch. Therefore, it's more vital than ever before for canned food to be safe for consumption. 

What Is a Canned Food Detection Machine?  

The safety of products is vital, more so for the food industry. A canned food detection machine from a company like will aid in your testing procedures. It ensures that all seals are intact and that no contents can escape and no air can enter.   

The Importance of a Canned Food Detection Machine  

A canned food detection machine costs an insignificant amount when you compare the benefits it brings to the table.  

  • Improved Production Line: When you know the weak points of your packaging, you will be able to design a better production line to minimize leaks. Therefore, your aim to cut losses starts here. 

  • Increased Shelf Life: Cans that don't leak will naturally result in food lasting longer. A better shelf life will mean that your products will not go to waste. Consumers will be more inclined to purchase canned food with extended expiry dates. 

  • Better Brand Reputation: Leaky cans will destroy your brand's reputation. Consumers will always go for food manufacturers that place importance on quality. They do not want to discover bulging and leaky cans in their pantry.  

How Does the Canned Food Detection Machine Work? 

A canned food leak detection machine is essentially a vacuum chamber. It tests the quality of your food cans by focusing on the strength of the seam. What happens is the machine subjects the can to a vacuum environment. If there is a leak or damage on the can, the pressure difference will help you detect it.  

SEAL-CHECK Canned Food Detection Machine Tester for Food and Pharmaceutical Industries  

When you are looking to buy a canned food leak detector, consider the applications of the machine. Price is a crucial matter, too, but understand that a leaky can has the potential to cost you thousands or even millions in sales.  


If you're looking for a canned food detection machine for sale, you're in luck. SEAL-CHECK wants to take your canned food business to a higher level. Contact us online today.



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