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Be confident about your packaging!

Ensure that your packaging is sealed correctly with Seal-Check high-quality packaging tester.

With the Seal-Check leak detector, you can add quality control measures to your packaging by testing seal integrity. It's important that your packaged product is sealed correctly so that it will be guaranteed to meet quality standards. Professional packaging leak testing technology is used in many industries from package manufacturers and converters to end users packaging products such as meat, fish, snacks, pasta, bakery, oatmeal, dairy products, pharmaceutical products and etc.

How it works?

Most products are affected by pressure changes when transported by air or other vehicles when driving in high altitude places. Seal-Check can show weak packaging areas. The sea level simulation can be performed both in a dry chamber and in a filled water chamber.

Samples, such as food packaging, are placed in a test chamber filled with water. By closing the chamber, the package is pressed below the water surface. The air on the water surface is then evacuated to create a vacuum. Now, the air or gas in the atmosphere will escape from any leak points (such as seals) in the form of a visible bubble stream.



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