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Today, the concept of using blister packs for products isn't new by any means. These packs are made from plastic, which is both durable and cost-effective. However, this doesn't mean they aren't open to the possibility of external leakage. The best way to avoid having to go down that road is by conducting a leak test for blister packaging.

This process will ensure that the packaging is high quality and protect customers from any potential harm. In this article, we'll show you how to use a blister pack leak tester to determine the quality of your packaging. Without further ado, let's get straight to the deets!

What Is A Blister Pack Leak Tester?

A blister pack leak tester is a device used to determine the quality of a blister packaging. It checks each pocket individually for leaks and shoddy seals using scanning technology.

You may be wondering what a blister pack is. It is a small, plastic package used to contain various items such as medicine, snacks, or even money. They are usually used to protect the items inside from damage caused by exposure to heat and moisture. These aesthetic packs are often seen in retail stores and pharmaceutical industries.

The Importance Of Blister Pack Leak Testing

When it comes to business, there are a few things that you should always have on hand. A professional brand appearance happens to be one of them. As a product developer, you know that the right packaging can make all the difference in the world. This is why blister packs are widely used in industries.

However, a pinhole in this type of packaging will allow the ingress of air. This can negatively impact and endanger people's lives, especially if the content is consumable. Consequently, blister pack leak testers are used to prevent such occurrences. Here are some of its importance:

  • Maintains the integrity of medical products

  • Reduces manpower

  • Ensure Seamless Integration.

●Maintains The Integrity Of Medical Products

Maintaining the integrity of your food packaging is crucial for upholding the integrity of your product. You cannot afford any leaks regarding packaging and sealing because they will disrupt the product's overall quality. It can significantly impact how long the product will stay fresh.


Additionally, losses may occur in several ways. As a result, you must spend money on sophisticated blister pack leak testers to maintain the quality of your products.

●Reduces Man Power

You must understand that investing in a highly equipped machine to identify potential leaks and flaws is not labor-intensive. Since fewer workers are required to examine each product individually, it can significantly minimize the amount of labor. With a little manpower, you can get the quality control outcomes you want.

The equipment would only require minimal time from your workers. Modern automatic leak detectors and seal testers can significantly reduce the amount of effort needed. This will also hasten the detection process, enabling on-time product delivery and client loyalty.

●Ensure Seamless Integration

As previously stated, you can get real-time alerts using the most recent blister package leak detector. The testers come with the most recent technology that will improve the efficiency of blister package production. It will help you identify potential problems with the product's packaging so you can possibly keep your company's production process on schedule. 

The use of sophisticated testers has made it simpler for food companies to build a network with regional suppliers. Now, you can obtain better control over your product's manufacturing process through seamless integration.

Process For Checking The Quality Of Medical Packaging

There are numerous ways to determine the quality of medical packaging. Unfortunately, most leak tests for blister packaging used today are usually destructive to the product inside the seal. However, vacuum detectors have become a reliable tool for determining whether blister packaging leaks are present.

Since the leak test for blister packaging complies with various specifications, it can deliver the most precise results. Specifically, these vacuum detectors operate on the idea that creating negative energy inside a sealed chamber will inflate the sealed pouches. The leaked packets won't expand as much as the ones that are undamaged when the pressure builds.

Here are the procedures to follow when carrying out a blister package leak detection:

  • Firstly, the blister pack is positioned inside a vacuum test chamber to carry out a deflection test

  • A laser scans the blister pack's surface to collect data points for later assessment

  • The pack surface is initially scanned while pressure is being applied

  • Lastly, the pack is then scanned once more when the vacuum level is lowered.

The pressure difference for blister packs with large holes will result in a deflection. This pressure difference will change due to air loss from the blister pack as a result of leakages. The lidding foil will move if there is no hole in the cavity, and the second scan will reveal a significant deflection.

On the contrary, packs with small holes will first enlarge due to the applied pressure. Hence, to find tiny holes, a third scan is necessary.

Blister Pack Leak Detector For Pharmaceutical Industries

Currently, the pharmaceutical sector uses blister packs and strips to contain liquids, granules, and tablets. It is a sort of packaging format used due to its ability to keep medications at a certain temperature away from sunlight. These products need to be thoroughly tested to ensure that they don't leak after packaging.

Even a sneaky hole allows microorganisms to enter packaging and shortens the product's shelf life. If micro leaks and pinholes are large enough, they can produce non-sterile products. This is why the quality of medical packaging can significantly impact the contents' safety and effectiveness.

In a nutshell, you have to carry out proper leak tests for the packages of very sensitive products. To protect customers from the pitfalls of using contaminated medications, you can get in touch with us at or telephone number +370 689 24325. We offer leak detection services for blister packaging and many other medical devices.

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